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My new project is going to involve some rust removal!!!! I really hate body work!!! I feel like you have to be an artist, and in school I was told by my teacher that i needed to find something else to do durring that period!!! ha ha!! now my attention is a 1952 ford f1 truck. I purchased the truck in running condition and it was painted in about 1975 and it is the same coat of paint. but it is rusting badly. it has some pitting and I understand that will involve some cutting and welding but just for now I want to stop the rust in its tracks. Here is my plan : I want to take each piece off the truck and sand reshape the fenders and try my frist frame up resto. but not a 100 piont car. just a nice respectable resto. Is using acid a good way to find out where to start as far as figuring out where to cut and where to sand? Any help would be great!!!! Joel
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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