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I have a 1984 Z28..want to make look cool plz help

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It has some scabs of rust, like that when i bought it, some Crager Crome wheels (BTW im only 17 so im not rich ;) It has a black body with green ground effects, I was thinking of getting the body painted silver, the ground effects black with 2 black racing strips, anyone have a pic of what this would look like or can u tell me what u think? Thanks
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The silver and black always works out well. Be creative with the stripes, don't just get them plain maby some tribal stripes or some added pearling effects or something to make it different. I could come up with many ideas that if your willing to put in the work your car could turn out awsome with the least amount of cash. PM me if you'd like, pepping up your daily driver would be pretty easy with a little help. I'm happy to help you.

leave it the way it is, and save your money to get a nice car. Your 17, a year older then me start restoring a 1st generation camaro.
Don't listen to stereo dude... I mean if you like your car make it what you want... I know 3rd gens have a reputation of being gutless since I have one but I like the styling... Especially with a big old cowel scoop (you can make one yourself by the way) Thing about the stripes... Do it silver and black with the 25th aniversary stripes... They look best on the camaros and the straight stripes look pretty bad especially if you have louvers... You may not want to do your ground effects black... Also a pure silver camaro looks great...
i have a freind who has a 84 comaro its a really really dark blue with silver stripes but inside the stripes is a small set of flames
wish i was as good a painter as he is but it does look great
Can you explain how to make the cowl hood yourself...I have an 85 firebird that I want to customize, thx for the help
Notice: for fiberglass one I would reccomend making a steel one and then getting a mold made of it

oh boy not too sure it will work as well on the firebird but what I did was I cut the hood along the body line that comes up from the lights (not allthe way but cut a little extra to the front so you dont get a wierd bend)

I then lifted it 3 inches in the middle and 2.5 on the sides (go however high you want) and supported it at the back with wooden blocks.... then we took some pieces of sheet metal and used metal screws to hold them in place along the cut (to hold the sagging area up so the thing didn't look dumb) also to get the angle you want you have to fold down part of what you raised....

We then welded sheet metal in to fill the side (not done that yet) piece by peice... after that we could remove the bolted on sheet metal

Since I wanted to have an overhang over my window and if you know angles you know that lifting the hood actuall brings the back away from the window... what I did was went to the wreckers and cut about 4 inches off of the back of another camaro hood (it was all dented and stuff.. Please for other camaro guys don't cut a good hood) anyways... I cut it off and I cut the supports from under it (cuz when I cut the hood I cut all the supports under it, wanted to bridge the cut with these) anyway... I then cut out the shape I needed and welded the back piece in...

the whole thing needs to be finished up but everyone I have talked to said it looks good even though it isnt' finished yet...

Oh yeah.. these are simple directions.. you need to have creativity to do it and you want it to be strong so I unfolded parts of metal that were folded (such as the back of the scoop and folded down the front piece that I added to mate the two for welding)... all of this helps with strength although the scoop made the hood 100 times less flimsy.. you will also need to finish all your work off with a fine little layer of bondo (over every weld) then surface the whole thing... if you want a fiberglass one then you gotta get a mold made of it (can do it yourself or take the whole steel hood to a shop after to put the scoop on)

If you decided to take this on I will be happy to answer any questions... I know my directions are kinda sketchy.. and I apologize but thing is I felt like making a scoop one day and so we just started to wing it and made stuff up along the way... (somehow it worked out too)

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i also have a 3rd gen camaro (88) I'm planing to put a complet rebody kit on it check this kit out

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