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For the 2nd time since I got the car 2 years ago, I had to send it off for work I could not do myself. She's neatly tucked away in the garage of the man who is welding in my roll cage for me. He is the welding instructor at my school and he has done about 4 cages so far.

I towed the car there saturday and we talked about plans and pricing. He's going to throw in some thick angle-iron to tie it into the front rockers and he's even going to replace my crapped out torque boxes in the front. Considering I'm going over to help him on it next weekend, he's only charging me $250 for the whole shabang.

I'm happy that I get to learn a little while he does the nitty gritty, but I still miss coming home from a hard day and having the car around ya know? :(

Counting the days. I'll definitely take the camera when I head over next weekend. Hope ya'll are doing well.

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