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I Need Help Please

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hello my name is erik. i just bought a 1979 chevy camaro. the interior was gutted out and redone. so i bought a new durabrand cd player i ran all of my speaker wire to the trunck and ran a power wire to the battery. i ran the line to the fuse box at the acc to the cd player, i ran my ground wire. the cd player turns on and looks normal untill you turn up the sound and then my new speakers make a hissing noise. please help i am about to pull all my hair out. Thanks:confused:
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Doc here :pimp:

Is this a remote mounted Radio/player? Do you have a power amp in the circuit?

Do you have a "Mute " button, is it on?

If you have a power amp it may not be turning on...Power amps require 2 sources of power to fire up, switching power, and amp power...

Also you may need to use the RCA plugs on the cd player, for a power amp hookup..(low level audio)

Tell me more about your setup and maybe I can provide you more info...

Doc :pimp:
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cd player info

my cd player is a durandand 160 watt cd receiver and am/fm. i have 16 gauge speaker wire going to 2 200 watt 3 way 6x9. i ran a 14 gauge wire from my batterys + to the cd player. i also ran a 14 gauge wire from my acc slot on my fuse box to the cd player. Then i ran a 16 guage wire to the body to ground everything out. All of my conections i made were with a conecter which i crimped the wired in it and i could melt the plastic around the wires to made a water proof seal. And also it is going into my dash. Could it be that my ground isnt big enogh? if you could help me more i would be very thankful. :thumbup:
set up

Doc here :pimp:

First, You may want to consider Coaxial wires for your speakers, They pick up less noise. and 16 gauge is OK for standard installs, but higher watt players like bigger wire on longer runs! DO NOT bundle power and audio wires together this will induce noise too.

Does your radio play OK, but no CD audio, or what?

BE SURE if you have a "Mute" Function on the face plate that is NOT Muted, this will turn the speakers off...

Double Check your Speaker wires, Be SURE your wires are Left + and - going to left + and - on the speaker terminals , and so on throughout the speaker system. Do not use Body ground in place of the - on the will burn the player up. Speaker - IS not ground!

If you have Crossovers at the speakers and NO audio on anything, they could be wired wrong.

If the unit turns on and displays correctly, and plays and ejects a cd (even without audio) The Ground is probably OK...

Check those out, and if OK, but still no audio, you may want to consider the player is can bench test it out of the car, by applying 12 volts, ground and hook up 2 speakers, to see if you have audio (eliminates the car harness) If it won't play on the bench, take it back it's toast!

BTW, DO NOT use a battery charger to power it on the bench or car...It will burn the Unit up! OP amps can't stand AC ripple, and chargers are not filtered that well...and your Audio Chips are ALL high current OP amps!

Also Avoid using the car battery to power it...Those are capable of high current real quick! It's just not too safe especially if you have a miswire or short while testing...Don't use a "wall wart "(like for a drill charger either, these don't provide enough current to run a radio) THE BEST way to bench test, is get a proper bench supply, Or if one is not available, use a motorcycle battery, or even a 12 volt lantern battery .... Clean DC voltage, and low current in case of mistake...

If it won't run on the bench, box it up and take it back,It's defective.

If it does run on the bench, Then look to your Car Harness..sounds like you have power and ground down OK, so look at the speaker harness for shorts or miswires.

Doc :pimp:
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