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I need help with suspension ideas.

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It's a 1930 (or so) chevy 1.5 ton truck. I took the old front end off. I have a late 40's chevy truck front suspention I want to pt on it. I want to lower the front end just a little and do it without having to cut (Z-ing) the frame. I thought about just putting the axle on top of the leaf springs. But then it took away from the clearance between the leaf spring and the frame,( I am using the other trucks front leaf springs by the way). So someone told me to use the one leaf spring and radius arms set up and that way I could just make the front perce taller which would cause the front end to sit lower. I thought it was a great idea until I started trying to find information on it. I have sat in front of this computer for hours now trying to find a lead on how to make it happen. And I never found it. Does anybody have any leads as to where I can look to find out how to build the set up I need to lower the front end? Also,I want to keep the factory front fenders and radiator in the same locations. Will this leaf spring and radius arm format work with my application so that I can keep the fenders and radiator? I sure would like a meaningfull reply. Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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What you're trying to do, only on the back end instead of the front --

Component kits you'll need --
Universal ladder bar kit --,5347.html

Universal Watts link kit --,3398.html?parentDisplayId=5347

Universal tubular transmission crossmember (might have to be different or modified for your application) --,4356.html

Floating axle housing kit --

Bolt-in crossmember ends (if you don't want to burn the crossmember in) --,8937.html
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re; need for FRONT suspension help.

hinklejd, NONE of what you posted,helped. ALL of that information was either about rear end stuff or crossmember mounts. I need help with the FRONT END suspention. I want to lower it some without having to Z the frame. I was told a single front spring going across would work by just lowering the perch mount. My problem there is I have fenders and a radiator I want to keep. I have never seen the cross spring with radius bars set up on a vehicle and the vehicle still have the fenders and radiator. If there is a set up like that out there well then that's what I need to see so I can have an idea as to how I am going to do it. Seeing a bunch of parts not on the vehicle isn't going to help me. But thanks for your reply just the same. E for effort. Click on Rileys photo album and you will see the truck with the fenders that I am talking about.
See less See more about a suicide spring perch? Flip the front spring perch upside down to lower the front end as much as the spring pack is thick.

Take a look at a t-bucket front suspension. I think that's what you're thinking about going with.

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re; need for FRONT suspension help would most likely work. But it has no fenders. I have seen lot's and lot's of cars and trucks with that same front end set up. But None of them had fenders. I need to see one WITH the fenders on it. I am wanting to see how things clear. see how in your picture how he has cut off the front overhang just in front of the front spring? I don't want to do that. The truck I have has an aprin looking thing that goes in there. And I want to keep it.
You could flip the axle to the top and then C notch the frame for clearance. Will that get you as low as you want?

that's one sure fire way of doing it. But I was actually hoping somebody would send me some pictures of a car/truck that had the one leaf spring and 2 radius bars type set up AND still have the factory fenders still on it. My whole thing is I want to keep the factory fender look...but I want the front end to sit lower.
I believe you are talking about a traditional transverse leaf spring, is that correct? I have attached a chassis photo of a 1935 Ford Sedan that I am prepping to sell. It has an original chassis with a drop tube front axle. It retains the original trailing arms that have been split. As it sits in the photo, there is only the main leaf installed and it has struts in place of the shocks to hold it at ride height. You might notice that it has a Vega steering gear and a custom pan-hard rod installed.



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ya that's basically what I had in mind. Now if I can just find a way to make my late 40's model chevy truck front axle work with the set up like you have there. any ideas anybody? I was figuring on having to make some sort of adapter plates and/or other stuff.
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