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I Painted My 442 This Week

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...and it was my best paint job ever, except the hood. Just about every problem a painter can have with paint or equipment I had while painting the hood. I got fisheyes in the white stripe on the hood. The glue in the stencil kit didn't hold when the solvent in the paint hit it so I got a jagged edge in my white pinstripe around the perimiter of my hood scoops. The masking tape didn't stick very well in one spot and I got white paint on the blue, and when we attempted to remove the overspray, we rubbed through the color coat. Three black bugs found their way into the top coat of the white stripes! So I'm going to have to repaint the hood, BUT, I had about a quart of paint of each color left over plus about a quart of clear, so all I need in some fine line tape and I am good to go. I will post some pix when I get it done.

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dang Benji you sound as if you have my kind of luck.
Glad to hear you have most of the painting done and I know you will get the hood straighten out.
good luck
Good luck. I feel your pain. I just found out that NAPA quit selling Dupount Clear. I need another Quart to finish my hood this weekend, and now I have to buy a gallon from another store and drive 60 miles round trip to get it. It is just my damned luck! Hopefully the painting itself will go smoother.

I would use the 3M fine line tape when you redue it. I used it on my flames and it worked perfectly. I made sure it was all stuck down well just before spraying and it pealed off perfectly clean.

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