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ideas for seat mount/pedestal

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The random import bucket seats on my 40 Hudson Pickup are currently bolted to the floor. Since I am not 7 feet tall I can't see anything. The seats need to be raised about 5 inches and I would like to use the space underneath for storage or a stereo. Does anyone have cheap ideas for junkyard or fabrication of a solution. Unfortunately I don't have a welding rig, but If a good solution that involves welding is offered, I could go to a local welding shop. Thanks for any help.
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I just made seat risers for the Olds 60/40 power split bench seat in my '53 Chevy pickup last weekend. I made a rectangular frame of 1 1/4" square tubing that the seats set on. It is sized so the frame rails align with the mounting holes in the bottom of the seat. Then I cut some legs that weld at the corners of the rectangular frame that space the seat height properly. Tabs were welded to the feet to bolt it to the floor. The seats bolt to the frame with holes drilled through the square tubing. I will drill some 1/4" holes in the tubing to attach upholstered trim panels. Requires a little welding but results in a perfectly fitting, very safe solution.
I couldnt of said it any better then willys36, because thats basicly what I did also in my 40 chevy...joe
I've got the same project going on in my head for my truck. The seat that's in there now is so low, it's ridiculous!

I'm going to a couple of scrap yardss this week to see if I can find some decent bucket seats with power for adjustments, etc.

This may be totally stupid, but that's why I come here all the time -- to learn -- what about building a base with wood? Bad idea?

I like the idea of having space under the seat ... I've been thinking about storing my tools there.

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i went to a show a couple weeks back and was talking to a guy about his truck and what he did was get C channel and cut it to the length he needed and welded it to the seat frame and then bolted it to the floor
Just finished my seat riser pedestals for my 53 F100. Using bucket seats with a center console. I fabricated 2 "C" channels out of .125thk cold roll steel to the height I needed, then welded 1/8th thk angle bracket to the rear and front of each channel giving me a rectangle. Mounted the rails of the seat to the top of the channel. Make sure the top lip is wide enough. I then fabricated a 1/8thk. steel support strip ( approx 2" x 24" which I welded to the bottom side of the cab to act as a load distributing support so when I mount the bolts to secure the pedestal I won't count on those flimsy washers. I also fastened two kitchen type slides to the inside of the channels that will act as my "under-the-seat-drawer" The riser pedestals will be cover nisely when its time to uphoster my truck. Hope this gives you another idea. It worked for me.
If you're at a wrecker try taking a look at the seats in an older chevy astro van('85-89). The buckets for the driver and passenger each sit on there own pedastal and i think there about 6" tall, plus the passenger one has a sliding drawer under it.
Hey, Marc

I know just what you mean ... I was looking at exactly that last Friday and the bases stopped me dead in my tracks! They're closer to 12 inches high than 6, I think! VERY cool!!! ... only when I looked at the seat-backs my heart sunk. I don't like high backs at all. I wonder if older models had lower backs?

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Huhhhh, 12" instead of 6", eh...That explains the reaction I get whenever I pull my pants down saying "Mine's only 6 inches long":eek: (In bad taste, but I couldn't resist the window of opportunity there:laugh: )

Unfortunately they all have the high backs on them. The intro year of that model van was 84/85 and it's pretty much identical to my 86. But, you may be able fit another type of seat that has a lower back on to those pedastals. But if they are 12" tall it probably wouldn't work anyways.
Hey guys; A nice bucket seat to use is a 1986-1988 Caravan, that has a 6 to 8 inch riser with the passenger side seat having a slide out drawer. Except it has the head rest incorporated in the seat.(Bummer). However, if you are going to reuphoster the seat, you can cut the head rest portion out of it. The bad feature is that the seat back does not move foward, only reclines.
Look for buckets that the back part moves foward so you can get to the rear for storage.

I did take picture, but it's in my 35mm and it's at my daughters house in MD. As soon as I get them developed I'll send them to you.
This is how I mounted my mid-80s Olds 60/40 power bench seat. Lower black plastic strip is stationary so all I need to do is make some upholstered panels that clip onto the frame and it is finished. Propped the seat up with 2x4s until it felt right then welded up the frame of thin-walled 1 1/4" square tubing.

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