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I have a 350 sbc (500 hp) but can get no info on cam,crank,pistons,heads,etc. Carb is a Holley 4160, Delco HEI distributor, Russell fuel filter. Filter element and new plugs just installed.
1/-what should idling rpm be when in park or neutral? Presently it's at 950 and drops about 200 when in gear and will stall when coming to a stop. Engine runs smooth, no vibrations or hesitations . Vacuum hose to tranny comes off the carb. I've been told squirting a bit of water down the carb at a fast idle will clear up some problems with gum or varnish.
2/-starting 2 problems: A- starter: sometimes clunks regardless whether cold or hot. It is new, I never installed it, and was told it needs to be shimmed, bolts,and connections are tight. You would almost think it's going to fall out with the noice it sometimes makes, yet other times it cranks perfect. B-after sitting a few days there is no fuel in the filter, and I have to pour a little down the carb. It then fires up . Looking and pushing throttle manually I sometimes get fuel, other times nothing. Stock fuel pump, and looks new, all lines tight with no leaks. Fuel is new, octane 260 with booster added, and I used stabilizer to try to help.
Sorry to be long winded,new at this,and want to learn. Thanks in advance for help, greatly appreaciated, you guys solved my cooling problem in April.
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