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I'm the FNG

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Hey all, I am new to the message board. I am in the process of rebuilding a 1977 Camaro with a 434 stroker. I have the body down to bare metal and will post some photo's of it soon. I just picked up a new rear end for it and am looking for 4.11's.

It is a great project for me and my two older son's to work on together. The two year old sit's in the driver seat and play's with the steering wheel all day long while the 12 year old helps sand and take things apart. He is getting into it pretty good.

I am also working on a 1969 RS/SS 396, but that one is all together and original and needs completely torn down and restored. So I am going to finish the 77 for some racing, "help perfect my body and paint skills" before I work on the 69.

If anyone is looking, I have a 1968 Vette 350 4/bolt short block for sale if I remember off hand the casting is 3970010 but I could be off on the first three numbers. I know it's a October built 68 and it is an 8th out of 10 hour shift build.

Anyway, I work for the DoD as a civilian and enjoy my work, have a great family and am looking forward to restoring my first car. :welcome:
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Welcome, post some pics of your cars when you get a chance. And we also have a free classifide section so you can post what you have for sale there.And you could start a project journal to then we can watch your progress . :welcome: . Cole
Welcome to the site... :thumbup:
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