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Indexing a bellhousing

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Here is a question I asked on another forum. Any thoughts or comments?
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Well I guess that didn't work quite like I wanted it to.
Edit your post and remove the 1st h. It works, just have to copy & paste the addy.
According to this:

You can either use a punch on the front side to knock them out the back or use Vice Grips to pull them out.

You are approx. 0.0055" toward 9 and 0.012" toward 6. By my calculation you would need two 0.013" put in roughly pointing to 1 o'clock to move the bell housing up and to the 3 o'oclock. According to the Lakewood instructions, you can get 0.014" dowels which should get you close enough.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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