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Inline bolt on fan

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i was wondering what the benefits of an electric fan would be on a 230 inline six, and i was also wondering about other bolt ons that would give me some more go. i have headers in the mail, and i now have a holly carb, but i want more. Any suggestions?
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I've always been partial to electrics. They draw just a few amps and come on only when needed. no parasitic loses like a clutch fan or a flex fan. Rigid non-clutch fans Should be your last choice. Check out summit racing. They have a good selection of electric fans.

I don't Know what other hi-po parts are available for your little motor but Clifford Performance might have a 4bbl. intake manifold for your 230.
Get an all in one kit with the temp switch and relay. Like Corsaider mentioned,only on when needed.Straight fans are not a good choice and are extremely outdated.The only reason I could see anyone having one is for a complete restored concorse car.
Here are some shots of things I did to the 230 we put in my son's '36 Pontiac.

This photo shows the equal length split headers I made. One goes under the engine to allow dual exhaust outlets. Also, I divided the intake ports on the head so I could have individual intake manifold runners.

Here are some details of a 180deg individual, equal length runner intake manifold I designed and cast in aluminum. Had to modify the head in above picture to make this effective.

Here is a shot of the headers and manifold w/ a Holley 390cfm 4-bbl. Had a 270deg cam, 9:1 compression, 2200stall speed converter and BUILT PowerGlide.

This sucker ran like a banshee!

Got a lot of the parts at Clifford. Another good source for inline 6 stuff is Langdon's Stovebolt parts.
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Thanks for all the help, i now have a pretty good idea about my engine and what to do.
6 pack

The electric fan will definately free up some horses for you. and it only runs when you need it.

Willys36, thats an awesome set of pipes you made. Well done.
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