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installing weatherstripping

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Does anyone know how hard it is to install weather-stripping? Also, has anyone ever ordered those kits from j.c. whitney or kanter, and if so, do they match your car, or is there a lot of trimming involved?
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Most weatherstrip uses an adhesive to install.Some will use clips of one sort or another or even a channel that the strip fits into. It all depends on your car. Use a good grade weatherstrip adhesive like 3M Weatherstrip Adhesive.
i put new weatherstripping on my chevy took less than an hour to put it on . the longest part was cleaning the window channels of the old stuff. the kit i bought came with the adhesive . :cool:
kit i got for my truck doors didn't quite fit, just cut out the extra and glued it back together on the bottom, used that 3m stuff. the black was recommended to me over the yellow. worked great. couldn't figure out which side went towards the jam at first. looks like an easyboy from a cross section, the back of the "chair" goes away from the cab
Just done all the weather strips on my Chevy truck, got the seals & black adhesive from Chevy Duty. I found fitting the strips first & holding them in place with clothes pegs from ya washing line helps, then peeling the surface back that you will apply the adhesive to about 6" at a time, just saves the sticky mess then leave pegs on for a short while. Hey presto its all done!
Good luck. :D
Try Soffseal products at I used one of their kits for my Oldsmobile and it wasn't too hard. The main thing is to make sure your car's seal channels are well cleaned before you try to put the glue and seal in. I also recommend the black seal glue over the yellow type, as previously mentioned. I put the seal kit in my car in 1992 and it still looks good today. Good Luck!
If you can find the replacement weatherstripping for you specific car, I'd go with that - it will be customized for the channels/grooves and the right length.

Be sure to clean the channels well before installing them. 3M makes a nice adhesive for when you install the stripping.

If you're doing the trunk, make sure the ends join on the bottom, not the top.

Di-electric grease can also be used to keep them treated and soft. Just wipe in a small amount with a cloth.
I did this three times before I got the correct size rubber for my truck doors -- Chevy Duty rules the roost when it comes to Chevy trucks!

Check This out.

54 Chevy Pickup
Old Thread, new question

OK, so I'm reviving an old thread but it had a good title. :D

I am researching the top makers of weatherstripping.

Does anyone have any opinions on the quality/ease of installation of Soffseal vs. Steele Rubber Products vs. Metro Supersoft? Has anyone used Supersoft?

Any replies are appreciated!
time is money

it depends on how you value your own time, the cheaper weatherstriping kits take time, patience and a good eye where as the more expensive OEM kits like from GM are much,much,much easier to install and give a better factory finish but they are four to five times the price but thye will last four to five times longer, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!! I know as i did it both ways
I have always used Soff Seal with superior results. I did once order some from J.C. Whitney and when they arrived they were Soff Seal. Use the black 3M adhesive, and do not use ArmorAll on your weather strips.

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