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Go to their site and search these numbers---should be a pic
may have to bend to 90* for ease of plugging in

#37050 stud size 6
#37051 8
#37052 10

There will be a minimum QTY. of each item. I think $5 min of each
Get their catalog---lots of stuff in there.
I have ordered from them before
I purchased several wire sizes of the old Packard56 terminals and connector bodies.


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Doc here, :pimp:

Or you could try making them yourself.

Get a single uninsulated Ring, and lug terminal, a pin vise and hemostats..along with a solid copper wire that just fits inside the terminal sleeves.

Place your terminals in the vise, back to back and using a 250 watt soldering gun, or propane torch, "Tack" the ends together..

Next remove it from the vise and slide your copper wire in the terminal sleeve, Holding the terminals with hemostats at each sleeve end, fill solder the wire and the terminals together, then when cool, "sweat" some solder around the outside of the terminal ends..

Last, clean the solder up with an acid brush, and slide the proper size tubing over the Lug end and shrink.

If you need a 30, 60 or 90 degree bend, just leave enough copper wire out to establish the bend, where the top will just touch the top of the other terminal and solder..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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