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Intake manifolds and aluminium heads

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I was looking intake manifolds and I found Holley Weiland Team G. This manifold should be compatible with "1987-Later w/Aluminum Heads"(from Holley site). So, why they are fitting only with aluminum heads? Can't they be used with cast iron heads?
And overall, what to think of these Weiland Team G manifolds? I was aslo looking Edelbrock Victor Jr.? Which is better? For example 400hp 6500rmp 383cid street engine.
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With '87 and up intake manifolds, you have to be concerned about whether the manifold has a Vortec-style bolt pattern. If you have iron heads, manifolds that are pre-'87 style will fit. Regarding the choice of intake, it is six or one-half dozen to the other. You will find people that swear by either. One person on another board claimed the Team G had better quality castings and a smaller plenum for better street performance. The Victor Jr seems to be used a lot in testing and was recommended to me by the forum supervisor. Since you should port match any manifold, the supposed mismatch on the Victor Jr would not be an issue and could simply be an isolated example. But it should outperform the Team G at high rpms given the larger plenum. I could not find an internet hit for a dyno comparison of these two manifolds. I think either should do the job for you.
What "Bowtie heads" mean?
Bowtie heads are a type of high performance head produced by General Motors for small block Chevy engine.
the victor jr. is concidered to be one of the best intakes on the market but when it comes to mixing and matching parts it sometimes take a little experimenting on your part.first you have to figure out where your setup is going to spend most of its life,on the street or at the strip.these parts usually don't go both ways but with planning and researching you can come up with a winner in both place's.with a 383 you should have a strong bottom end and have the power to support a victor jr..motors that make there power from 4500 and up would have a hard time making some of the single planes live on the street as daily drivers.i have an original torker with a two inch spacer and while it may be on the small side for quarter mile blast it lives extreemly well on the street.i'd get a victor for the strip.

i didn't mention that the torker is on a 406.
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