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intake manifolds

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I am getting ready to build a 360 sbc out of a 880 4 bolt block,its been machined lined ,decked bored,and I recently bought some aluminum heads for it ,these heads will fit either vortec style intake manifold or conventional ,my block does have third bypass hole for the water pump and mechanical fuel pump hole.To me it seemed simple to just set it up like old school 350 build but Im wondering if I might be missing something.or over thinking it,and another thing is Ive got my mind set on a air gap manifold,do I have to have it? motors going in a 4x4 jeep.there's other cheaper intake manifolds that do the same. other than the cooling part.I guess I should add that the runners are 200cc 68cc chambers,2.02 -1.64 valves,flat top forged pistons, .500/.510 cam, thank you
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Wait for it......stock older cast iron tall Quadrajet intake (No EGR) with Early Q-Jet carb. Great driveability and performance and about as simple as you can get. GM spent thousands of hours in research and development on this set up. IT works as long as you limit cam duration to acceptable limits for a street driven vehicle.
There's a guy named Jon at The Carburetor Shop who specializes in kits and rebuild services for older OEM carbs. He says the GM Q-jet manifolds are perhaps the best manifolds ever made -- for their intended use, of course. Obviously he's also a big fan of Q-jet carbs, but also the original AFB.
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