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Interior color change

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Hey guys, i have an idea and i was wondering if anyone could tell me if they have either done it, or know if it would work ok. I wanted to change the color of my interior in my 66 mustang. Now the only problem i have with this is the plastic panels around the car. I was wondering if I could bondo the plastic panels to a smooth surface then paint the the panels to match the exterior paint color in a glossy finish. I would appreciate any suggestions, or possibly an alternative. So basically, my question is, will this work? Thanks in advance
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I don't know how well the bondo will hold on plastic, but I know you can use (don't quote me on the spelling) "marhide". It's a type of paint for vinyl and plastic which will change the colour to whatever you want quite nicely and it's available at almost any automotive paint supply store. A couple of advantages of it is that's it more durable than paint is on plastic and it will still retain the texture of the piece that's being painted. Or if glossy is the look you want, try gelcoating :D .

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I would think the "bondo to a smooth surface" deal would make for an unattractive appearance.

What about spray painting all the plastic with that new Krylon paint -- I've seen these commercials lately and the point they are making is that the new Krylon product adheres to plastic on a molecular level.

It MIGHT be your answer!

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i have a friend with a 66 mustang and he covered everything with vinal. he told me he was going to do it and i told him not to but he did it anyway and it looks great. might be a little easier than bondo.
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