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Hey folks,

Allthough this question doesn't apply to a hotrod, I figured you guys would know best! :D

I want to completely redo the interior of my 79 Jeep Wagoneer. I absolutely hate the whole dashboard layout. (For those who dont know the truck, the glovebox is in the middle, the heater controls are on the far left, the A/C is a bolted on 'add-on' to the bottom of the dash, with seperate controls in the middle of the dash) The guage pods are built in such a way that they make it hard to read the guages in many lighting conditions. And we don't need to get into the lack of cupholders, storage space, or the cardboard glovebox liner!

The truck is going to get completely overhauled, and modernized, I'd really like to redesign the whole dashboard, and modernize it too.

My real question is HOW? I talked to a rod shop, and they're willing to do it, for $$$$ (almost $$,$$$.$$) But I'd prefer to do it myself. I would like to end up with a vinyl covered dash which looks like something you'd see in a 1994+ vehicle. (without the airbags) But I dont know even where to start, Can anyone give me some pointers? Or websites to check out?

Tnx for any help in advance!

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