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I stumbled onto this site by googling Predator Carbs and wish to ask some members questions on predators. I have just returned from Iraq and desire to make our country energy independent. Here in Hopkinsville, Ky we have a ethanol plant which produces 107 octane E85. The winter mix is really E75 with 103 octane. FFV's get 30% less gas mileage out of E85 rather than gas, but have only 8 or 9 to 1 compression. I am in the process of building a SBC 400 with 2 relief flat top pistons with ole 62cc camel hump heads, hopefully getting 12 to 1 compression. I plan on using a low 250 cam combined with a MSD HEI vacuum distributer, 6al ign box, and a variable timing swith, so I can retard the trimming for starting and adjusting the timing by vacuum gauge for max mpg in cruise (1500-2000rpm?). I have a 6000PXA Alcohol Predator Carburetor with idle circuit I plan on using first. Then I plan on testing an old Fish Carburtor that a buddy's grandfather ran on his 318 Dodge truck and claims he got 21 mpg.
If this works I plan on putting on 58 cc heads to boost compression even more and see if I start to get pre-ignition. I have spent hundreds of hours searching the internet and can not find any one who has built a sbc for max compression on a min budget for max mpg. If this does work I plan on building a 383 (388) stroker and see if the longer stroke helps out mileage. If any one has any suggestions I would highly appreciate it. I encourage all who worry about our Great Nation to work on similar project in defiance of the International Energy companies and the Middle East Sheiks!
This engine will be placed in an old 79 Trans Am I have with a Muncie 4 speed. I will record the mpgs and then put in a cheap Borg Warner T5 with overdrive 5th (.78?) gear. I'll record the mpgs and next put in a 308 or a 273 rear end if I can find one. I have spent the bucks on the parts and am now putting it together and will keep anyone who cares informed on the progress. Once again, any input is requested. Thanks, Miles [email protected]
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