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Hi, I am a "Grumpy1". (Not really)
62 yrs. old
welder for 35yrs. High Press.
Retired Power Generation, Maint.
Married 38yrs this yr.
2 Sons, 1 grand daughter 5ys
2 grandsons- 2,4, can spot hot rods by name.
I have owned 2-'55 Chevy, 1-'56, 1-'48 ford cp. Etc,
2-jeeps CJ5's and 1-CJ7, 1 wrangler.
1-S10, w/home bilt 307 (350 de-stroke, bored .030, 3" crank.
Now building a Chevy 4.3 vortec V6 Mazda truck w/2004r.
Life time passion, 4wheels, steering wheel, Chevy mtrs
Live in Barney, Alabama. Same land for 61yrs.

41' Chevy Master DeLuxe Tudor
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Welcome to the site. I found it's a great place to talk about the hobby of hotrodding. I have a respect for welders having earned a living as a welder helper and a welder myself some years back. Welders always get a bad wrap as having a bad attitude especially in the pipeline business. I figured it was because you spent most of the time in the dirt and mud. :D
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