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Hey.A couple things about myself,to break the ice and all.Ive been building rods and bike for as many years as I can remember.Go's back to my dad and granddad before him. Not quite sure what else to say,but they say a pic is worth a thousand words .So heres acouple of them. :evil: Sorry to say ,most all my pix are to large to fit!


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Welcome,Is that a Mopar engine I see in the Ratrod?? Looks good by the way!! Brian
Hey Brian.Must say that eye of yours is right on the money.It has a 340c.i. attached to a 727.
Welcome to Hotrodders....just make yourself at home and enjoy the site. :welcome:
Much appreciated.I definatley will do.
hdxpres said:
Hey Brian.Must say that eye of yours is right on the money.It has a 340c.i. attached to a 727.
I bet that baby really hums too!! really reliable combo, probably one of the best engines and transmissions MOPAR ever made. Seeya Brian
Hummin along isn't quite the word.Squeelin tires and smoke is more to the tune.For some reason every time I fire her up ,I seem to have a awfully heavy foot.
sorry I haven't replied back sooner!!60hr work week !! We had the same problem when we first got ours together. Then after a while we chilled out!! We figured that what we tore up we would have to pay for and would also lose time enjoying the car. I still AIR it out on the interstate occasionally!! :thumbup: you've gotta make sure there isn't any carbon build up..........LOL Brian
Hey,no need for explainin the work thing, 50 a week is about the average.Deffinatly cuts into the recreational time.But like you were saying broken parts seem to be poppin up on myself as well.I guess eventually I'll figure it out. Here's somthing new for you.I just pick up a mint(and I do mean mint) 1955 Buick Century wagon.Has been in side a heated shop for 70% of its life.70,000 original on her.Havn't got her home yet,but when I do I'll post some pix. Till later,Rob.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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