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My name is Sam but thats lame so "cool" will work.
Don't like to type too much rather wrench, but sometimes
its nice to get/share info & ideas so I thought id better say something about myself.
I have had several muscle cars over the years done all the work myself got burnt out with my last one (slant 6 demon for $150 which I put a tunnel-rammed 383 w/150hp nitrous) into.
I do metal sculpture for fun and profit and got to thinking I could use my metal burning/bending/cutting/chopping/slicing/
polishing/drilling/ skills to use in hot rodding so....... 4 years later here I am. And my wife says"oh no, not hot rods again" In the last week I have gatherd a complete 1964 283 ,a set of 194 64 cc's right angle 1968 327 heads and today a set of 1958 cal custom finned valve covers, and a holly 780. And a set of Shoenfeld 1 and 7/8s to 2" headers. A friend of mine has a complete 1939 desoto coupe we both want me to get so it looks like my new project is now under way.
Oh well...sigh at least the people at summit racing will be glad to hear from me again.

P.S. Really my wife does not mind She has installed 3 shift kits in turbo 350s for me cause I could not figure out the instructions.
And a couple sets of headers cause she is little enough to put right in the engine comartment.
Thanks for your time.
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thats cool dude put the old lady to work. its a good way to keep an eye on her lolj/k welcome to the board. post some pics of your project when you get a chance.
Welcome to the board:welcome: There's a member on here who is doing a beatuifull job at restoring a 1938 Desoto:D Not too many of them around anymore

Have fun,

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