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I live on the California Delta, in the little town of Bethel Island. I have made a few post, and got great replies. I'm 53 years old, Millwright by trade, now I do machinery evaluations, vibration, oil analysis, UT's ect. Drive a 72 Chevy Suburban, of which I'm preparing to install a 403 Olds engine in, disc brakes on the rear. I drive a 95 Sub Diesel, (prefer the 72) every day. Have a 62 Nova SS that is in need of restoring, I have too many projects and am going to sell the Nova, no idea on the value or price, hope to get some input from this forum.
After a lifetime of working on my kids cars,(8 of them) I am ready to build one for myself.
Great Forum, Lot's of knowledge, greatly respected and appreciated.
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