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Hi everyone. I live up here in northeastern Canada where it really gets cold this time of year. However, we've got lots of cars and trucks and there are lots of parts hereabouts, too.
I have a 1955 Mercury Monterey 2 dr. hdt. and a 1963 Impala which is also a 2 dr. hdt. The former is a California car which is about to get a non-original '56 312 and the latter is a rusty but all-original builder.
I traded my 1940 Ford Tudor rod car for car for the Mercury. The '40 was a neat old nostalgia car with black paint, four inch dropped axle, white and red tuck 'n roll interior, wide whitewall bias plies (Big and littles, of course) and flipper caps. I used disc brakes from an Olds Cutlass and a Monte Carlo rear end with 2:42 gears. Great mileage even with its 408 sbc motor! The biggest problem I had with the '40 was overheating probably because I used the original rad. albeit recored. The tranny was a Turbo 350 with a shift kit and Ishifted with the original column lever courtesy of Lokar linkage. Pretty slick! I also added Classic in-dash instruments but the car had no power steering, heater or sound system; just the sweet tunes out the pipes.
Over the years I've had plenty of cars and trucks and am very willing to help locate vehicles or parts for anyone. Just e-mail me, please. Thanks!
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