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Introducing myself and my Nova

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Hi guys. Just wanted to make an introduction post. I've finally got the time and money again to work on finishing my Nova so I'll be posting here alot. Great resource, I never knew this site existed!! From what I can tell it seems to be one of the most active hot rodding sites out there.

Anyway, here's my '72. So far a lot of the mechanical work is finished, all I need to do still is rebuild the rear end with an Eaton posi, moser axles and 3.73s. I also need to get my torque converter rebuilt (anyone know a good shop near Denver?).

The engine I built for it is a 350 010 4-bolt Block, steel crank, 4340 forged rods and forged pistons. Camshaft is a comp 248/252 @ .050, EQ 200cc heads (mildly worked), vic Jr intake and a 4150 holley mech secondaries.

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Welcome to the site. Nice Nova. I also had a 72 but had to sell it a few years back when things got tough. Mine wasn't quite as nice as yours. :welcome:
Yep, had a 71 (as I remember it was a 71,with the ex-wife and all so you know how we want to forget that!) and also a 64 and love them welcome!

Nice Car..........

Nice car,love the paint !! Welcome.......... :welcome: :welcome:
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