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Introducing myself.

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My name is Matt from Lockport NewYork, This is currently MY first project. I have worked along side my father restoring his '69 SS chevelle and played around with his '87 GN. Im currently looking to transform my '95 Ford Mustang into a Chevy powered Ford. Going to toss in a crate 350 and Th350 or powerglide.. Not sure which I will have the money for yet. I attend Rochester Institute of Technology for Mechanical Engineering.
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Welcome to the site... :thumbup: from Lockport LA :thumbup: Isn't that something!! :drunk:
Post some pics so we can see what you have going on. :welcome: . Cole
Welcome Matt.'Chevy in a Mustang...Interesting.
why do you want to do a chevy-stang conversion??dump the stang and get a camero,, or stick with a ford..both are equally great,, but i think you will have a lot of problems with crossbreeding..
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