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Heartbeat here, new to the forum 12/1. Project 53 F-100.
Current status:
Chassis, rear 9" Ford with Auburn locker, 4-link Fat Bar, front Wide Ride both by No Limit Engineering. No engine or trans yet. Plan a 6.0 or 5.3 with a 60LE. Gas tank moved to the rear of chassis.
Body, currently working on cab. Metal has been replaced except for filling holes in dash. Concentrating now on cab body work and block sanding. Will build a console for A/C controls and vents.
Work done by myself, my son, and a few friends. Retired, so I can play most every day except for Honey Do's. Progress is slow..... wish I had a job like this where I got paid by the hour.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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