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Hello Everyone,

I currently live in Frisco, TX and have rebuilt three cars - 1970 Superbee, 1968 GTX, and a 1965 Mustang. Now that I have relocated to this area I am looking for my next project. I am looking at either another Mustang or a Dodge Challenger. I am in the process of building a 30ft X 40ft garage. Hopefully it will be completed by spring. The weather has been putting a strain on the building process. Is there anyone in this area that is working on a project? Professionally, I own a detailing company that details high end cars, boats (mostly cabin crusiers and yachts), Motorcycles, and RVs. My end goals is to rebuild cars for a living, but that will take some time and more tools.


Rick Springer
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Welcome to will find lots of opinions, advice, and information here. Hope you enjoy the site. :welcome:
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