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Want to be car guy. After years of car shows its time to make something. My cars in storage: 4 liter R Princes, 1941 Model 62 Cadillac, 77TR7, fiat X-19. Everything needs paint and interiors.

The skills I need welding, steal fabrication and carb repair. Like all Fiats all three X's have rust issues,a Bull used one for a breeding table.... still runs and has only 35,000 miles. the Cadillac is ready is ready to lift off the frame, with a 500 Cadillac engine waiting fitment.The fiats and Triumph are just too much fun to drive.

The Princess has a Rolls engine and looks to need SU carbs rebuilt. It has about 62,000 miles, Its in old primer.

After years of finding them its time to be driving them. :spank:
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