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Shabby chic sheet metalshaper
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I'm a car enthusiast. I like anything that is done uniquely, especially in metal. My particular favorite is customizing Karmann Ghias which I've been doing since the early '80s. I started out as a welder in the shipyards, got into rust repair on cars, which evolved into metalshaping which is something that you never stop learning as long as you keep doing it. Most of my work involves fender flares, or more acurately, widened fenders. I get a kick out of turning flat pieces of metal into whatever I want, and sharing ideas on welding and metalshaping. I am currently building a mid-engine Ghia with gullwing doors, widened fenders, approximately 200hp in a 1800 lb car, to be in bare metal with clear over idea of a hotrod...that's the plan for now anyway.....In future posts, please forgive me if I accidentally post my web site...I've been typing it after my name for about 7 years...I'll do my best. Attached is a picture of one of my earlier efforts. I've learned a lot since.



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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