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Hello, My name is JB and I am living in Williston FL. I have five children and have been married for 22 years. I polish aluminum,port cylinder heads and I have been fixing or racing cars since I was 11 years old when my older brother let me set his
points every day in his 1967 Impalla SS with a 327. I am also a 2003 graduate from SFCC Automotive Technology in Gainesville.
SFCC won the 2003 best Automotive program in the nation award. They also won in 1998 (not allowed to compete for 5 years
after winning in 1998). I drive a 1995 Ford Aerostar Cargo Van (containing all my tools) and pull my trailer that carries my wheel polishing machine that I built and used in Orlando for people like
Nort Northam Collection(in Winter Park) ,Ritters Performance Motors(RPM) in Maitland, FL., The Car Bar( in Orlando), The Toy Maker(Mark Miller), Porsche Tech ( Cisco ) and many more. I now live too far away, although many still bring me cars or parts because my work is smoother and cleaner. I hope I can help with
reliable trustworthy information that I have proven to work. I rebuild engines,transmissions,rearends,suspensions,polish scratches from glass(you body shop guy's know you are not supposedto DA the glass windows).
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