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I can't tell for certain. Is the data in the Knowledge Base included when a person uses the Search function - or does the search only include the discussion forums? My impression is that it only the discussion forums are included.

If the KB is not included, is it possible to include it? There's a ton of good stuff in there which would be very helpful when doing a search.

Also, with the great addition and popularity of the Project Journals to the site, we are amassing some excellent reference info in that area of the site as well (just take a look at Beenaway's or Willy's journals to get a hint of the great wealth of knowledge that is available there). I don't believe this section of the site is included in a search either (correct me if I am wrong on that). Many answers to many questions, with pictures and illustrations to boot, are right at peoples' fingertips. And it would be nice at some point in the future to include these in the search function - or to have a separate search function for that area.


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Right now, we have separate search functions for several purposes.

1. Board search function -- searches through old board posts:

2. Knowledge Base search function -- searches through knowledge base data:

3. Company/general website search function -- searches through about 2 thousand assorted hotrodding sites:

Plus, we have a classified search function, and a photo gallery search function.

Yes, we need ONE search engine that covers EVERYTHING, with options to search for websites, knowledge, parts sites, posts, etc. AND we need to add journals to the list of searchable items.

These different search functions evolved separately over the years, and they will be integrated into one engine eventually. First on my list right now is getting us upgraded to the new board software, but after that, this is certainly on my list.

Right now, using Google is a good way to do this. Google indexes thousands of different pages of this site, AND they offer a method of searching through ONLY pages. Check out this link: . Look at "Domain Restrict" for info on how to use Google to search a single site.
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