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Is there a price list for SPI paint.........

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I am interested in giving SPI paint a try on a '72 Duster this winter and was wondering where I can get a price list or at least a quote for a gallon of base plum crazy purple and a gallon of clear plus the required reducers and activators? Is there a price list I can get? Also, where can I buy it? I'm told Chrysler made two tones or plum crazy purple, one light and one darker, is this true?
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Grape, go to spis website. I believe there are prices on the website. You are probably going to need to order from baker warehouse, should be a link on spi site. I know I did cause no suppliers near me. But only took 2 days to arrive and shipping was very cheap. Good people to deal with, both spi and baker. Stop by the forum too, lots of good info on products from some sharpe users and barry also posts. Also a link for that on spi's site. Barry is developing more colors I believe, he just posted some of the colors he has sprayed out in one of the threads on the forum.
also check the prices here you can order from them too shipping for me is two days hope this helps :welcome:
How much of the car are you painting Grape, everything inside and out, or just outside. Remember the base mixes 1 to 1, so that will give you 2 gallons sprayable. Spi is suppose to cover pretty well, so if just outside, not sure if you are going to need a whole gallon. Maybe ask Barry, he'll answer emails. I am not sure if he has plum crazy, but I know a purple is in the works, in fact he just posted about working on a blurple color the other day.
Thanks guys..... :D I'm painting the engine bay, door jambs, bottom of trunk lid, etc... but the roof is vinyl all the way down to the trunk lid so maybe 2 quarts will do. I have some single stage mettalic purple that I plan to use for the engine bay. How is SPI as far as tiger stripping? Is mettalic purple just as tricky to spray as any other mettallic
confused said:
also check the prices here you can order from them too shipping for me is two days hope this helps :welcome:
These are jobber prices at Baker - customer pricing is a bit more, but still excellant when you compare to the 'big' guys. You aren't having to pay for Jeff Gordon's $16MM DuPont deal hidden in the price.

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