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is this wiring ok?

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My car's battery wasn't charging (the car died when I unhooked the battery).
But when I ran a +12 jumper to the alternator terminal with the skinny brown wire, it did charge.
So I connected the brown wire's terminal to wire that's hot only when the ignition is on,and the car charges fine.
Is this OK, I mean, it won't burn up my alternator or anything will it?

The car's an 80's monte by the way.
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You did the right thing. That brown wire needs 12 volts to kick the alternator in. Sometimes, if this wire is not connected, reving the motor will kick the alternator in, but not always.

Doc here::pimp:

Now the next thing you may want to do is find out why the brown wire lost power...

Some systems have a fusible link on those wires, so you might be wanting to look for an open one.

You may be suppling other things from that power too, like Electric choke...etc, So it might be worth running down.

Doc :pimp:
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