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It's all gone wrong!

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Okay, maybe not that bad, but it looked like a small travesty to me :drunk:

Alright, so I sprayed my camaro the week before Memorial Day, used PPG 2021 and rally red Omni base) and just got it outside last week in order for it to cure in the sun, and then get it cut and buffed. (it had more orange peel than an orchard :D ) So yesterday I was rinsing it off before I started, and saw the bumper, didn't even have words I was so frustrated. My best guess as to what happened was I didn't sand well enough, or something shrunk way more than it was supposed to.

So I guess the real question is how should I go about redoing this section of my camaro's bumper?


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Take off the emblem strip the paint and start over. Either you didn't sand primer good enough or you didn't give your base enough time to dry between coats.How may coats of paint did you put on. On a bumper try to keep your coats to no more than necessary. It will hold up better and stone chipping is not as bad.
There was a coat of epoxy, two of flexiblized build primer (sanded down with 180 and 400 respectively), two coats of base and three coats of flexiblized clear, so probably a little thicker than it should've been. and I'm fairly certain I didn't sand as well as I could've. :sweat:

Do you suppose it would be alright if I sanded the section between the headlight buckets down to the plastic except for 3 inches or so on each side? I havn't had to do blending before and that way there'd be some space to blend into, or would it be better to blend it into the inside of the buckets?
You maybe could feather out your spot in the center and spot in between head lights but now you have to re clear the whole bumper and that means that much more clear on it. Just kind of making a weak spot that much weaker. Guess the worse that could happen is it will fail and you'll have to strip and repaint which is kind of where your at now. Just all the work of taking bumper back off the car. These things are no fun to strip anyway you go about it. Guess thats a call you'll have to make.
Okay, I think I'll try to spot it in, worst case is it fails and I have to strip and repaint it lol. It's a driver, and my first paint job so as long as it looks good and holds up alright I'm happy :thumbup:

Thanks for the help and advice! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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