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James Medley (jim Dandy)

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I have a 70 model 350 chevy engine, bored 60 over w/flat forged pistons. edelbrock 7101 intake @7102 cam-lifter kit,1407edelbrock carburater. :problem: from off idle 900rpm to about 1500rpm its stumbles lags won't pull unless you keepgoing down on the accelerater. I installed metering rods as per 'edelbrock' techs perscribed ,changed carb. accelerater pump. If this makes any kind of sense. :embarrassed any help :welcome: timing is set 16 degrees btdc. carb. air screws are set two (2) turns out from bottom. Lifters are set at zero lash. tranny is 350 w/ [email protected] 2500 stall converter.
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Best to ask in the Engine forum.
moving it there..............
Have you checked for vacuum leaks................thats what it sounds like to me.
Thanks for input on nov.11 thread.

I think I found my problem. 1 of my hot rod buddies loaned me a 20 year old 600 weber. I put it on and engine ran fine. Now can anybody give me some input on rebuilding a 750 Edelbrock :welcome: any advice :) :welcome: 1 more thing I have read some verry good (down home, shadetree, hotrod,advice on "HOTRODDERS BULLETIN BOARD" :mwink: I also would like to know if there's anyone that can tell me where I can find some carburater cleaner the old stinking kind :) :) :) :welcome:
mine does the same thing if you ease into the gas from idle in gear it stumbles chugs and almost dies unless you give it more than enough gas to bring it above 1400 rpm i have a 750 AFB Carter time to get a new carb then?????
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