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Tim wanted to get away from it all,so he moves out to the Badlands in South Dakota.After living there for several months and not meeting one neighbor because of the distance between himself and the others,he saw as a rider approached on the horizon.
The stranger introduces himself as Joe and proceeds to apologize for not meeting earlier.He then tells Tim that he is having a party on Saturday night,and that he is more than welcome to come.
"Well sure I'll come,sounds great."replied Tim
"Well at my parties,there is alot of drinkin."said Joe
"I love to drink,I can handle my own."
"Well another thing is at my parties there is a lot of fightin"."
"I enjoy a good brawl every now and then."responded Tim
"Well there is also a whole lotta lovin.Awhole lot of lovin!"
"Allright,now we are talking,what should I wear?"asked Tim
"It don't really matter."stated Joe"ain't no one but me and you gonna be there"

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Heres another one.

A salesman breaks down on the road. He sees a farm house in the distance and decides to ask for help. As he is walking down the driveway he notices that he is being followed by a three legged pig. As he is contemplating this he sees the farmer over at the barn and heads that way, three legged pig in tow. He tells the farmer about his car and the farmer offers to help( him being a member of and all). As they are driving to the salesmans car the he asks about this pig, who is sitting between them. The farmer goes on saying about how great the pig is. "That pig done saved my life many a time. One time the house caught on fire and the pig came in and woke us up before we burned up. Another time I was out on the back 40 and not paying attention I turned the tractor over and was pinned under it. I called for help and the pig came and rooted me out". "Wow" says the salesman "is that how the pig lost his leg"? "Nope" says the farmer, "you cant eat a pig like that all at once"
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