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Junkyard power window retrofit into 2nd generation Nova

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Anyone successfully retrofitted modern power windows into a 68-74 Nova, two door?

I have seen some of the new kits that go for $250, but I'm the world's biggest cheap skate/ hotrodder. :rolleyes: I was thinking that something in the junkyard would work. The OEM stuff has to be dependable, lightweight, etc. Anybody done this before? Any ideas which make/ model are good for this sort of thing?

Any ideas for electronics/ switches? Also, what to do with the stock window cranks.

I had a crazy idea of using the stock window crank as a switch. Picture the crank resting in the 9 o'clock position. Push it up to 10 o'clock and window rolls up, push it down to 8 o'clock and window rolls down. Could use two spring-loaded momentary switches- one for up and one for down. Don't know exactly how to implement this...

It's important that the parts be relatively lightweight. The car is a 10 second (quarter mile) street car, and it weighs too much already (3500 lbs.)

Thanks guys!

Nova John
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Hey John:
I did a few in old trucks (50's)and had good luck with units out of newer rice burners. Very light and easy to find. I used the switches that came out of the same car.
novajohnb, try looking at some early model(70s) Montecarlos they had PW and the regulators may work. There is company that makes PW kits that use the handle as the switch like you said. I saw them at Charlotte Autofair in the spring but don't remember the name. Check some of the Rodder Mags. also. I think it would be possible to use the Nova window regulator with maybe some kind of later model PM. Look at a local salvage yard that handles older cars. A little creativity and I think using the Nova regulators will work. :D
if you want the window switch to look like a stock cranks. Hotronics sell what your looking for.
The bad thing they sell for $89 to $99
Don't know about the 70s chevys but old window risers (30s GMs and my '53 Cheby pickup for sure) have the same gear pitch as late model Ford power window motors. If the Ford motors have the wrong pitch, modern GMs probably have the correct one. This it is a simple fix to cut off the riser handle gear and weld on a bracket to bolt on the Ford motors. Beaut of this method is that you will be using the mechanism that was designed for the car. I can send you a scan of a tech article on this if you send me your email address. You can use window riseer seitches from any power window equipped car. They allwork the same.
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