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:welcome:Just wanted to say hello!! to everyone , I am hopping this will feal like being at a car show when everyone has the same likes (cars, hot rods, motorcycles, whatever has a motor and wheels to get it down the road. I have a thing about mustangs I own a 68 and a 64 1/2 both have been restored as restomods and are driven by my girls. I spent over 2 years each working on them and can say that everything that has been done to them has been done by me except the paint. Also I have a 2004 mustang that I bought for one of my girls that went to callage . She left the 68 in my garage.

dont get me wrong I like mopar , chevy , old and new but the mustang is what stuck.
It seems like every time i went to a local shop to have some work done it looked like I was wasting my money and I would watch what was being done and felt like I can do that. So now I learn on the enternet and bie the tools and do it myseif. Some times I do it twice but hay I tride.
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