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I'm new at this electronic world so help me when i make mistakes.I've been doing cars since I was 14 now I'm 61. I have a collection of 5 cars,a chopped 41 chevy,41 studebaker,36 ford 5w,46 merc sedan,75 malibu muscle car.

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:welcome: WELCOME to :welcome:
I removed the advertising from your first post ... :D We understand that you are new to the electronic computer scene so NO HARM ... No foul ... but we do have a classified section ... that is free. Please follow the rules ... :cool: and the results will be better for you efforts in the Classifieds anyway ... :thumbup:

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Welcome Hrg

Hey Glenn,
Welcome to the best Hotrod site in the world . :thumbup:
It's about time you joined , been telling ya that for over a year .
And yes the classifieds are free but I'll swing by and take some
pic's for you and show you how to post in the Hotrodders classified
section . "HotRodGlenn isn't all that hip on the computer yet :smash:
but he will get the hang of it." :D

Here's the link for the Ad's >

I'll swing by your place 2marO
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