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I like how Kerry says he will keep American jobs from going overseas. That is pretty funny. Heinz, owned by you know who, has most of their workers overseas. He can't even keep his company here. What kind of example is that?

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HEINZ-UFE LTD. Established 1984 Guangzhou, People's Republic of China Factory: Guangzhou Major Product Lines: cereals for infants. Brand Name and Trademark: Heinz.

HEINZ COSCO Established 1999 Qingdao, People's Republic of China Factory: Qingdao Major Product Lines: infant foods/ketchup/mayonnaise/puree. Brand Name and Trademark: Heinz.

ALIMENTOS HEINZ C.A. Caracas, Venezuela Factory: San Joaquín Major Product Lines: baby foods/bouillon/ketchup/sauces/soups/vinegar. Brand Name and Trademark: Heinz.

DISTRIBUIDORA BANQUETE, S.A. Acquired 2001 San José, Costa Rica Factory: San José Major Product Lines: ketchup/sauces. Brand Name and Trademark: Banquete/Columbia/Emily Gyor/Salsitica/Tipica.

HEINZ INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Acquired 1994 Mumbai, India Factory: Aligarh/Bangalore Major Product Lines: glucose powders/infant feeding products/ketchup/medicated powders/milk-based beverages. Brand Names and Trademarks: Complan/Farex/Glucon-D/ Heinz/Nycil/Sampriti.

PT HEINZ ABC INDONESIA Established 1999 Jakarta, Indonesia Factories: Daan Mogot, Jakarta; Karawang Timur; Pasuruan Major Product Lines: chili sauce/fruit drink concentrates/ ketchup/soy sauces. Brand Name and Trademark: ABC.

PT HEINZ SUPRAMA Acquired 1997 Surabaya, Indonesia Factory: Sidoarjo Major Product Lines: noodles/noodle snacks. Brand Names and Trademarks: Burung Dara/Heinz.

HEINZ UFC PHILIPPINES Established 2000 Manila, the Philippines Factories: Cabuyao Laguna; Davao City Major Product Lines: banana ketchup/hot sauce/sweet chili sauce/tomato ketchup. Brand Names and Trademarks: Jufran/Mafran/Papa/UFC.

HEINZ HONG KONG LIMITED Established 2000 Wanchai, Hong Kong

H. J. HEINZ (Botswana) (Proprietary) LTD. Formed 1988 Gaborone, Botswana

KGALAGADI SOAP INDUSTRIES (Pty) LTD. Acquired 1988 Gaborone, Botswana Factory: Gaborone Major Product Lines: dishwashing liquid/laundry soap/toilet soap. Brand Names and Trademarks: Botshelo/Kgalagadi/Marang/Ngwana/ Okavango/Olga/Oodi/Snow Kiss.

REFINED OIL PRODUCTS (Pty) LTD. Formed 1987 Gaborone, Botswana Factory: Gaborone Major Product Line: vegetable oil. Brand Name and Trademark: Olivine.

OLIVINE INDUSTRIES (Private) LIMITED Acquired 1982 Harare, Zimbabwe Factory: Harare Major Product Lines: baker's fat/candles/canned foods/condiments/glycerine/ laundry soaps/margarines/protein meals/sauces/toilet soaps/vegetable oil. Brand Names and Trademarks: Buttercup/Cartwrights/Colman's/Fortris/ Heinz/Helio/Holbrooks/Jade/Luna Candles/Olivine/Perfection/Ricco/Soyola.

CHEGUTU CANNERS (Pvt) LTD. Established 1992 Chegutu, Zimbabwe Factory: Chegutu Major Product Lines: canned beans/ketchup/soup/vegetables. Brand Name and Trademark: Heinz.

HEINZ SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD. Established 1995 Johannesburg, South Africa

HEINZ WELLINGTON'S (PTY) LTD. Acquired 1997 Wellington, South Africa Factories: Barvale; Benoni; Wellington Major Product Lines: dehydrated vegetables/sauces. Brand Name and Trademark: Wellington's

HEINZ SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. Established 2001 Republic of Singapore Factory: Singapore Major Product Lines: chili sauces/ketchup/preserved beans/soy sauces. Brand Names and Trademarks: SinSin.

HEINZ WATTIE'S LIMITED Acquired 1992 Auckland, New Zealand Factories: Christchurch; Hastings Major Product Lines: beans/condiments/frozen meals/frozen vegetables/infant foods/ketchup/meals/organic products/pet food/sauces/seafood/spaghetti/soups. Brand Names and Trademarks: Champ/Chef/Craig's/Eta/ Farex/Good Taste Company/Gourmet/Hellaby's/Nurture/ Oak/Rival/Wattie's.

TEGEL FOODS LTD. Acquired 1992 Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand Factories: Processing, feedmilling and livestock operations at Christchurch, Auckland and New Plymouth/Feedmills at Levin, Mataura and Nelson/Value-adding plants at Chefs Boutique (Auckland) and Coq au Van (Wellington) Major Product Lines: NRM: animal health products/calf-feed/horse-feed/pig and poultry products. Tegel: fresh and frozen wholebirds/portions and boneless portions. Brand Names and Trademarks: Collaid/Golden Coast/Moozlee/NRG/Peck 'N' Lay/Stockaid/ Sweetfood/Tabletalk/Tegel.

HEINZ JAPAN LTD. Established 1961 Tokyo, Japan Major Product Lines: curry/demi-glace/frozen potatoes/frozen meals/ketchup/pasta sauce/pet food/soups/specialty cooking sauces/white sauces. Brand Names and Trademarks: Buono/CountryHarvest/ Ore-Ida.

HEINZ KOREA LTD. Established 1986 Inchon, South Korea Factory: Inchon Major Product Lines: chocolate/edible oil/ketchup/margarine/mayonnaise/shortening. Brand Names and Trademarks: Chefs Cap/Heinz/ Napoleon/Solomon/StarKist.

HEINZ WIN CHANCE LTD. Established 1987 Bangkok, Thailand Factory: Bangplee Major Product Lines: chili sauce/ketchup/oyster sauce. Brand Name and Trademark: Heinz.


Established 2000 Hayes Park Hayes, Middlesex, England UK and IRELAND Factories: Chorley, Fakenham, Grimsby, Kendal, Kitt Green, Leaminton, Luton, Okehampton, Telford, Westwick Major Product Lines: bagel bites/beans/bean meals/can-making/cereals/chilled sandwiches/frozen and chilled desserts/frozen chips and potato products/frozen ready meals/infant formula/pasta/pasta meals/pizza crusts/pizza toppings/puddings/quick meals/reprographic and packaging solutions/single serve sachet condiments/soups/vegetarian frozen ready meals. Brand Names and Trademarks: Farley's/Heinz/John West/Linda McCartney/Ross/San Marco/Weight Watchers.

H. J. HEINZ COMPANY LIMITED Established 1917 Hayes Park, Hayes, Middlesex, England

JOHN WEST FOODS LIMITED Acquired 1997 Liverpool, England

H. J. HEINZ FROZEN & CHILLED FOODS LIMITED Established 1993 Dublin, Ireland and (1999) Hayes Park, Hayes, Middlesex, England

H. J. HEINZ COMPANY (IRELAND) LIMITED Established 1996 Dublin, Ireland

SOUTHERN EUROPE Factories: Greece: Aliartos; Italy: Commessaggio, Latina, Monguzzo, Ozzano Taro, Rovereto Major Product Lines: baby biscuits/baby juices/cereals/champignons/dairy products and yogurts/extruded bread/freeze-dried babyfood/fruit products/herbal teas/liquid and powdered milk/nutraceutical products/pasta for babies/pasta sauces and condiments/sweetener/vegetables/wet babyfoods/wild mushrooms. Brand Names and Trademarks: Bi-Aglut/Dega/Dieterba/ Fattoria Scaldasole/Heinz/Mareblu/Nipiol/Ortobuono/ Plasmon/Weight Watchers. HEINZ ITALIA S.r.l. Acquired 1963 Milan, Italy

FATTORIA SCALDASOLE, S.p.a. Acquired 1996 Monguzzo, Italy

COPAIS FOOD AND BEVERAGE COMPANY, S.A. Acquired 1990 Athens, Greece

NORTHERN EUROPE Factories: Germany: Seesen; Netherlands: Baarn, Elst, Giessen, Koog aan de Zaan, Nijmegen, Rijssen, Utrecht, Wormerveer Major Product Lines: baking flour/baking products/ breadcrumbs/breakfast cereals/condiments/cordials/ desserts/pasta sauces/portion pack jams and sauces/printed cartons and labels/quick serve meals/semolina/soups and soup products/sport drinks/spreads/stews/sweet bread toppings/sugar decoration products/tomato products/vegetable preserves. Brand Names and Trademarks: De Ruijter/Foodmark/HAK/ Honig/Roosvicee/Serv-A-Portion/Sonnen Bassermann/ Weight Watchers.

H. J. HEINZ B.V. Acquired 1958 Elst, The Netherlands

H. J. HEINZ BELGIUM S.A. Established 1984 Brussels, Belgium

H. J. HEINZ GMBH Established 1970 Düsseldorf, Germany

SONNEN BASSERMANN Acquired 1998 Seesen, Germany

KONINKLIJKE DE RUIJTER BV Acquired 2001 The Netherlands

HAK BV Acquired 2001 The Netherlands

FOODMARK Acquired 2001 The Netherlands HONIG MERKARTIKELEN BV Acquired 2001 The Netherlands DRUKKERIJ DE GROENBOER Acquired 2001 The Netherlands

EUROPEAN FOODSERVICE H. J. HEINZ COMPANY LIMITED Established 1917 Hayes Park, Hayes, Middlesex, England Factories: Rovereto, Italy; Telford, England Major Product Lines: convenience meals/dry sauces/frozen desserts and soups/jams and preserves/portion packs/sauces. Brand Names and Trademarks: Alveston Kitchens/Comexo/ Dega/Foodmark/Frank Cooper's/Serv-A-Portion.

HEINZ SINGLE SERVE LIMITED Acquired 1995 Hayes Park, Hayes, Middlesex, England

SERV-A-PORTION Acquired 1999 Turnhout, Belgium

Arimpex Industrie Alimentari S.R.L. Acquired 1992 Rovereto, Italy

Comexo S.A. Acquired 2001 Chateaurenard, France

H.J. HEINZ COMPANY OF CANADA LTD Established 1909 North York, Ontario, Canada Factory: Leamington, Ontario Major Product Lines: baby foods and juices/beans/canned pasta/frozen appetizers/gravies/ketchup/mustard/red juices/relish/salad and sandwich spreads/sauces/soup/tomato products/vinegar. Brand Names and Trademarks: Alpha-Getti/Diana Sauce/Heinz/Pablum/Scarios/Zoodles.

OMSTEAD FOODS LIMITED Acquired 1991 Wheatley, Ontario, Canada Factory: Wheatley, Ontario Major Product Lines: coated appetizers/fish/frozen vegetables and fruit. Brand Names and Trademarks: Leo D'Or/ Omstead.

H. J. HEINZ COMPANY AUSTRALIA LTD. Established 1935 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Factories: Dandenong; Northern Victoria (Echuca, Girgarre); Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea; Wagga Wagga Major Product Lines: beans/condiments/frozen meals/frozen vegetables/infant foods/ketchup/meals/organic products/pet food/sauces/seafood/soups/spaghetti. Brand Names and Trademarks: Epicure/Farex/Golden Days/Greenseas/ Hamper/Heinz/Imperial/Nurture/Ox & Palm/ PetDeli/Tom Piper/Wattie's/Weight Watchers.

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MI2600 said:
God, one more day and we'll be done with Lucy's babble.
of course this post coulda been made a month ago already and this very same topic has been discussed in every single political thread already but 2 days before election day someone just had to pop a thread to critizise one of the candidates to win those few "voters" last minute:rolleyes: you guys humor me....


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I'm not a Kerry supporter, but...

The Heinz thing is a myth:

As far as jobs going overseas, most corporate businesses that don't outsource don't make it. One trend that has started is employers offering unemployed Americans jobs with the same salary as they would pay an outsourcer (Middleman) for the same job done by an overseas worker. For example, instead of Joe CEO paying $42K/year for a web programmer in india, he pays the same amount to an American worker.

Can't wait for the election to be over myself!

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That must be the reason that General Mills' local cereal factory is full of people, with various 4 year degrees, operating machinery designed for the lowest common denominator of laborer. They are doing this instead of what they are trained and educated to do.

Going up to your ears in debt with student loans isn't worth it when the jobs are given to foreigners or the pay is lower than that of the average dump truck driver.

With this kind of crap going on it's no wonder people are giving up on secondary education.


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It's all BS. Companies don't care about nothing but BIG BUCKS. I worked for Sylvania Lighting for 15 years and last year they closed the plant and moved it to China!
I am now making $7.00 an hour less and driving 120 miles round trip to work every day.:pain: I'm 59 years old and this is the best I could do!:mad:
I can't even afford to buy any more parts for my 1981 corvette, but at least I do not have to sell the vette, yet!
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