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Thanks for the feed back. I'm looking at the kb800's. They advertise them at 13.9:1 with 58cc heads.

A little about my build. I have a new standard 4"bore GM block, a forged Lunati standard stroke crank, 58cc cnc ported Brodix track1 heads, Crower forged 5.7 Sportsman con rods, Crower mec. flat tappet cam .545/.554 lift 298/302 duration, procomp 1.6 shaft rockers (which puts my lift to .579/594), HV1000 Brodix intake, and a 850 Holley double pumper.

Do you think these pistons will work well with this set up?

My plan is to keep the car on the track not the street and I may run alcohol.

How much HP do you think this set up will yield?

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