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kit cars

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I wont to try and get into kit cars. can any one point me to a good manufactures website or anything wear I can learn more about them.

thank you,
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That's a HUGE question. This is a very large investment so you should keep that in mind when choosing a subject. Next is to choose a car that will keep your interest. Kit car sales pare probably 10:1 to people who never finish the project. Be sure to choose something (like a Willys!) that will keep the juices flowing thru the dark days. Finally, what is your skill level? The kit you choose needs to be something you can realistically handle, skill-wise. Kit cars provide a valuable service of giving us parts that are otherwise unavailable but they in no way are easier or cheaper to build than a rod based on original steel.

Answer those questions an we can give an educated opinion.
my skill level really is not that grate. but if I really did build one it would be with my grandfather and/or uncle who are highly skilled in the automotive arts. I was thinking of a cobra. I am unsure if that is classified as a hot rode though. another one I was thinking of is a 51 Plymouth suburban or a old panel truck. again I am unsure if there are even kit cars of them. I would imagine it would be better just to get a old 51 Plymouth suburban project car. right now I just really wont to learn about kit cars and see what all is out there for them. I just wont to learn more about them before I even really consider diving into a long, hard, money and time sink as I would believe a kit car would be.
Go here for a listing of reputable Kit Car companies. Take a look around the entire site, there is a lot of information there.

HEY HIM: There is a Kit Car magazine that is published every two months. You will probably have to find it in a book store or big news stand as a lot of places don't carry it....GOOD LUCK
thanks for your help guys. do you know the name of that kit car mag?
thanks for all your help guys.
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