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Kugel Komponents Pedal and M/C

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Does anyone have any experience with the 90 degree under dash pedal and master cylinder? I've heard some good things about Kugel but haven't actually talked to anyone who has used their brake pedals/master cyls. I'm looking at putting the full meal deal in my Pontiac, pedal /pad/master/booster/remote reservoir. It's not cheap, around $800 for everything but I really don't want to do brakes on the cheap :D . Just looking for some conformation or suggestions before I pull the trigger.

Thanks, Colt
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I have their 90 deg. under dash unit. Haven't installed it yet. Getting close. Hoping it will fit along with the AC unit!

The unit is well built. I contacted them by e-mail with a question. They got back to me in a reasonable time with good information. I would recommend them.
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