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Chris is correct, a touchup can be done with an airbrush and alot of eyeballing, but the chances of getting an exact match are slim to none. Do to the age of the paint on the car any new paint that has not been in UV rays will look much more vibrant. Considering the location not many people will pay to much attention. All you need to do is feather the chipped area and apply the base, and with alot of light apply the rasberry candy and eyeball to see if its close to the serounding paint, do the same with the smoke and once you get a close enough match clear it and buff the entire car. The chances on getting 9yr old paint to match in both areas (rocker & chip) with the rest of the car are like I said, slim to none, but trying never hurt anyone and if you have the supplies to do it your only out time if it doesn't turn out to your satifaction.

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