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LED bulb ?

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2019 Equinox had standard reverse lights. i switched to LED. when the new bulbs were installed i started the car and placed it in reverse. the LED bulbs were shining bright. i replaced the deck lid cover and shut the car off and shifted to park. the LED bulbs had a low glow. i removed everything and removed the Led bulbs and rotated them 180*. started, shifted to reverse, bright as could be. shifted to park , engine off, still a low glow. removed again installed original bulbs. ALL IS FINE
any ideas
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Something is putting power on them. This could be a ground side “leak” from something that stays powered up all the time. One way to check is with the key switch off disconnect the battery ground then put a volt meter between the ground cable and the negative terminal to see if there’s a voltage. Don’t turn anything on with this hooked up like this as any high amp item turned on is likely to smoke your meter.

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