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Lifted 69 Buick

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My son has a 1969 Buick special.
He recently bought huge cragers; 15 in, but 12 in wide!

from my measurements, the rear will need to go up 8 inches to clear.
The front are two inches taller but clear the well.

Any suggestions? I see spacers up to 6 inch on summit
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More for Less Racer
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I agree, cut the fenders like a 60's Gasser to clear the wrong wheels, or narrow the axle and frame, install wheel tubs; a la pro-street so they fit under the car.

You're never going to get the stock suspension to allow 8"of raised height to clear the stock low fender lip.
Only way you could get that much lift is with help from those dorky "donk" builders with the 28" wheels and 4x4 high stance.
Requires some pretty significant suspension arm rework.

Otherwise, sell the incorrect wheels and buy what you need to get it to fit.
Nothing 12" wide is going to fit in that stock wheel housing, with the stock rear suspension.
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