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I bought a new long block 350. I ran the car for less than 60 miles. I was in an acident and the motor sat for the last 2 years. I started going through the other day. Everything looked pretty good. I started to prime the oil system and got absolutely no oil coming out the push rods on the pass. side of the motor. Oil out the dip side but none out of the other side. Ran the drill for 15 miutes. Nothing. Took of the pan and found that the screen was not even set and had come loose from the pump. Put a new hiv. pump and screen. New oil. tried to reprime and still nothing on the one side. Still have good compression. Also does the crank need to come out and the bearings lubed up? Will they burn up from being dry? Please help
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Unless the oil pump priming tool you are using has the sleeve that simulates the distributor near the bottom of it, no oil will get to the passenger side of the engine. The oil travels out of a hole and around a groove in that section of the distributor and then into another hole to circulate thru the passenger side of the block.

Using a modified distributor as a priming tool will elliminate this problem.

You should not have to remove the crank. You might rotate it by hand while priming the system.
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