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Limp mode @ 1st gear w/loss of cluster

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Hello 8m gretch. Ive an 02 tahoe. Driving one day, felt the truck tranny lag at acceleration & wouldn't up/down shift on its own. Same time lost the obd2 picked up many codes, caused by entering "limp mode". But it's at 1st gear,not your usual 2nd to 3rd. Ran beautifully before..lots of power, excellent gas milage, especially for a lifted truck. We recently changed the yoke out cuz of wrong one put in by previous owner. We just bought it 2 months ago & it's been in this state a month. Took it to dealership who charged me $310 only to verify&confirm what I told them already...I' wanted them to trouble shoot & find the ground wires,circuits,fuses..anything electrical. Nope the didn't. Pulling the battery cable , doesn't help reset codes...I'm learning still,I'm a 45 year old female just learning .....Ive no mechanic. Help please?
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If its similar to my daughters 04 trailblazer , there's 3 fuse panels , the 2 under hood & one under the driver side rear seat. A test light and/or a volt ohm meter & time . You can find quite a lot of info on the net / YouTube/ etc. Check bulkhead plugs , good place for corrosion .
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