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Looking for a straight eight

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Hello all,Im new here so if i mess up,don't kill am looking for a straight eight motor,preferably,a Buick,can anyone help?
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straight 8

Seriously, you might try a salvage yard that has some really old cars or else an automotive museum. What are you going to put a straight 8 Buick in? They werent worth a hoot as a performance engine and had a real bad problem of breaking if you wound them up to anykind of a reasonable rpm.

I havent seen one of those since I was in high school (Class of 66).

If having all your cylinders in a row is your thing, I would suggest going with a big displacement I-6, like a 292 Chevy or 300 Ford.
They are both excellent engines, and would outperform that Buick with out even working hard to do it.
straight 8

One way to be really different would be to drop one of the previously mentioned 6 packs in it, or how about a Pinto or T-bird 2.3 4 cylinder? Or you could always go with an Olds quad 4, which looks a wee bit like an old Offenhouser 4 cylinder.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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