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We had one here in Bakersfield several years ago. I went there one time to price stripping some furniture for my wife and a dusty, rusty bubble top car was half covered by a tarp in the corner of the shop. I moseyed over to take a closer look and there before me was Darryl Starbird's Sillhouette! It was in pretty bad condition, the bubble top was there but dull and crazed, it had rusted chrome wheels, some oddball engine and was painted atrocious metalflake lime green (why is it that all old show rods always seem to end up painted metalflake lime green sooner or later!?!) bht the body was in great shape and it was very restorable. I didn't follow up on that and am eternally sorry I didn't. I understand that Darryl had a body shop here in town for a while.

Now to your question, I don't know of any tank strippers still in business. I think CARB ran them out of business. I always buy a couple gallons of good paint stripper a the hardware store, spread a bunch of newspaper and strip by hand. It isn't that bad and does an excellent job and has the added benefit of not having chemical stripper soaked into every crevice of the sheet metal, with the potential of bleeding out and ruining a paint job.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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